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Re Opening of Beaches and Communal Pools

Re Opening of Beaches and Communal Pools

From the entrance in Phase 2, (WHAT IS FOR MONDAY ️) we can make use of both pools 

The use and access to beaches is allowed as long as the safety and hygiene measures are maintained The use of showers

The use and access to beaches is allowed as long as the safety and hygiene measures are maintained 

 The use of showers and outdoor footbaths, toilets, changing rooms are allowed when the maximum occupation is person, unless they may require assistance, in which case they may have their companion. The cleaning desin los and disinfection of said toilets must be reinforced, always guaranteeing their state of health and hygiene.

Bathers  must make responsible use of the beach and its facilities.

The location of personal objects , towels, sun loungers and elementossimilar elements will be carried out in such a way as to guarantee a safety perimeter of meters with respect to other users,  except in the case of coexistent bathers. .  Physically pushing the limits  The sunbeds for rotary use (RENTAL) must be cleaned and disinfected when changing users.

 The town councils may establish limitations on both access, which in any case will be FREE, and capacity on the beaches in order to ensure that the interpersonal distance of at least meters between bathers is respected .

 Likewise, to guarantee their enjoyment by the greatest number of people in conditions of sanitary security, they may establish limits on the time they stay there, as well as access to parking lots  to facilitate control of the capacity of the beaches.

To calculate the maximum capacity for each beach, it will be considered that the beach surface to be occupied by each bather will be approximately  square meters discarding the first meters from the shore.

Using the Beach again is a privilege, let's make it for everyone by being responsible


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