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N332 Face book page

N332 Face book page


This is an amazing information page , like their page to receive all up to date and factual information, they have helped the public out so much over the lock down and without their translations, and useful advice the public would not have got through this difficult time

N332 is formed by a group of road safety professionals, who in their free time writing about the Spanish Traffic Law in English, with the only aim of solving all your doubts. We think it is unfair being fined for breaking rules when you don´t even know them.

Unfortunately nowadays is impossible to find a site where finding reliable information about the Spanish Traffic Law in English language; the official web of the DGT (Spanish Traffic Department) is in Spanish so we would like to help all of you to have a better understanding of our current legislation, publishing articles on Facebook, which we translate directly from www.dgt.es. Since the COVID-19 crisis started, we have begun to dedicate the page more towards this situation, to translate official government announcements, new regulations and changes in laws, for those who may struggle with the Spanish language, as and when the information is released by government.

We would like to remind you that we do this in our spare time so be patient if we can not answer your doubt on the spot, but we will do it as soon as possible,, we like helping people as well as we would like to be helped if we were living in other countries.
Although this is not an official site, all articles we publish, have been copied and translated from  Official Sites.

Finally we would like to inform you that N332 is NOT the OFFICIAL PAGE of the Police neither the Spanish Traffic Department, the offical pages ARE  www.guardiacivil.es , www.policia.es  and  www.dgt.es.

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